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Private Power Pole Installation

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Private Power Pole Installation in Sydney

When you need a private power pole installation in Sydney, call your level 2 electricians at Next Level Electricians. We have been providing an expert standard of electrical services for our Sydney CBD customers for more than 15 years. To assure the safety and the efficacy of your new power installation, entrust your services to Sydney’s leading level 2 technicians.

The installation of a private power pole is growing in popularity as power demands continue to change. Private power pole installation for residential and commercial properties offers a separate power connection to the public power supply in the street. It is convenient, aesthetic and improves safety issues with power lines connected to a property.

The Importance of Professional Private Power Pole Installation in Sydney

The installation or repair of a power line in Sydney should only ever be handled by a highly reputable and licensed electrical company. Creating a connection from a main city network or repairing broken lines is an extremely hazardous task. It requires a highly professional and precision approach to ensure that it is safely completed.

Working with power lines is only managed by level 2 electricians. Where private pole replacement, repair or installation is needed, only call on level 2 electricians. This provides a higher standard of expertise, experience, and qualification.

Power lines and poles installed by Next Level Electricians follows important regulatory practices during fixtures or new installs. It is completed by level 2 electricians who are passionate about safety and quality workmanship across the residential and commercial market.

Reasons for the Installation of a Private Power Pole?

For properties where the power lines’ point of attachment is regarded unsafe by your local council, it will need to be moved. Where the cables are impacting local trees, public areas or have been damaged and posing a major risk, it will need to be removed and replaced.

Cables connected to the electrical point of attachment of your residence or business that are interfering with vegetation or safety, will have to be moved and reconnected to the private pole. For homes and properties that are undergoing extensive renovation, a private pole and cables may get in the way of professional construction. It can also affect the overall aesthetic of the new build. Simply call your trusted electrician to assist with safe and precision solutions concerning the move of a private pole.

For the removal and the install of a power line in Sydney, always call Next Level Electricians. Our technical team has the expertise and the support to perform private pole installations with safety and efficacy. We adhere to the appropriate code and apply professional services that ensure your private pole will deliver the uninterrupted electricity supply you need.

Not only can we assist in the complete install and repair of private poles and issues of point of attachment, but we can also advise on the best types of poles for your needs. Private poles include wood and metal. Next Level Electricians can advise on the cost of private pole installation, replacement, and repairs.

How to Choose a Private Pole for Your Property

When you call Next Level Electricians on 0451 595 955 or send us a message using our Contact Form, we will arrive at your property to advise on the best type of private pole installation.

Signs Your Private Pole Needs Repair

When a private pole is installed on your property, it is important to identify any changes in the condition of the new installation. Areas of termite damage across timber poles, instability or general private pole damage should be inspected by a professional electrician.

The proper maintenance of trees and shrubs surrounding the pole is essential to prevent complications and damage of your private pole later on. If you suspect damages, it is best to contact a professional at Next Level Electricians. Our technician will come out to your home or business and provide a complete inspection to determine whether further steps should be taken.

What is the Cost of Private Pole Installation in Sydney?

The total cost of private pole installation will depend on the nature of the job. The cost is influenced by the type of material used including timber or steel, the connection of the private pole meter and the overall labour involved.

Simply contact the emergency electricians at Next Level Electricians and we will deliver a competitive quotation including a guaranteed standard of workmanship on your private pole requirements. With our services we can help you achieve incredible results.

The Maintenance of a Power Pole

When a private power pole is installed on your property, the property owner is solely responsible for the maintenance and repair of any damages. You can rely on level 2 electricians in Sydney who are experts in repairing and maintaining the safe condition of your electrical works.

Call Next Level Electricians for Expert Private Pole Installations

Next Level Electricians is your leader in all types of level 2 electrical services. WE are committed to providing our customers in Sydney, Hills District, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, North Shore and beyond, the professionalism and efficiency in private pole installation and repairs.

Whether your power lines have suffered storm damage, or you need a new private power pole installed, we are the ones who can do the job. At Next Level Electricians, we believe in handling all electrical requirements the right way the first time around.

Our installations are covered by a quality guarantee and follow strict code from the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy’s individual network operator standards to the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules, The Service and Installation Rules of NSW.

Simply call us on 0451 595 955 or use our Contact Form and we will help you with incredible private pole installation, repair, and maintenance.


How long does it take to install a power pole?

A power pole is a tall, wooden or metal structure that is used to support electrical cables. They are used to provide power to homes and businesses. 

Installation of a power pole typically takes one day. Costs will depend on a number of factors, including the height and type of power pole. It’s important to consult with a professional before installing a power pole to get an accurate estimate.

What is a private electrical pole?

A private electrical pole is an electrical pole that is owned by a private individual or company. Private electrical poles are used to provide power to homes and businesses, and they are often located on private property.

In most cases, private electrical poles are made of wood or metal, and they are usually between 30 and 50 feet tall. The height of the pole depends on the voltage of the power lines that it supports. For example, a high-voltage line will require a taller pole than a low-voltage line.