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We Provide Leading Meter Installation and Smart Metering Services!

If you are looking for a professional electrician in Sydney to install your new meter, Next Level Electricians is the one to call. Our level 2 electricians are fully licensed and authorized to provide meter installations and smart metering services.

The meter box is an important part of electricity distribution for the home and commercial property. With our expertise and skilled technicians, we are equipped to deliver seamless and effective metering services that will help you save on your utility bills.

When a new meter needs to be installed, you need a professional who has been providing dependable level 2 services you can trust. With unmatched experience and skill, we advise on the best products including smart metering to suit your lifestyle, your energy demands and your pocket. Give us a call on 0451 595 955 and we will deliver a competitive quotation

Why Choose Next Level Electricians for Your Electrical Metering Needs

The installation of a meter requires a professional approach by your leading level 2 electricians. At Next Level Electricians we make the process of installing new meters efficient and economical. From Sydney to the North Shore, Hills District, Easter Suburbs and South West Suburbs, we are here to help you with professionalism and precision.

We ensure that only high quality meters that comply with industry standards are installed for your home or business. This includes smart metering that assists in managing your electricity usage and its costs. As professional service providers, we always try to find ways to meet the needs of our most valued customers.

Next Level Electricians can help you find the right meter for your unique requirements. We can evaluate your electrical system daily usage and advise on the steps you can take to create efficiency and savings. Learn just which electrical options can work for your needs when you partner with our leading electricians.

What is the Purpose of an Electricity Meter?

An electricity meter is installed to measure the amount of power used in and around your property. There are many different types of meters available, each offering a unique display and recording of the incoming data. This information is used by your electricity provider to issue the monthly bill.

Many homes have 2 meters that work to record the general energy consumption at the property and the electricity used by the hot water tank. At Next Level Electricians, we can advise on simpler and effective ways of monitoring electricity usage. Simply get in touch with us using our Contact Form or you can give us a ring, and we will help you with rewarding solutions.

The Different Types of Electricity Meters

The interval meter will measure the amount of electricity used every 30 minutes. This type of electric meter installation allows your service provider to breakdown the number of kilowatts consumed at different times throughout the day. Most properties with this type of power meter connection will choose between a set rate or a fee based on usage times.

An accumulation meter is a popular install and will measure the total electricity consumed regardless of time of day. The electric bill is calculated by a professional meter reader who will calculate the overall electricity usage.

Smart meters are growing in demand because of its modern features and the accuracy within which it can issue the relevant power readings. It functions similarly to an interval meter but is read remotely by your electricity provider.

How Does Smart Metering Work?

The smart meter makes it easier to keep track of your daily electricity usage. It produces the number of kilowatts consumed on a digital screen. The data that is recorded by the installed meter also allows you to log onto a secure portal where you receive a breakdown of your electricity use.

The installation of an electrical smart meter has been issued as a mandatory installation by the Australian government according to the Power of Choice Reforms regulation. Any upgrade or replacement of your current meter must include a smart meter system. It is a more efficient way of reading and recording electricity data while helping property owners keep track of their power consumption.

If you are concerned about your daily electricity usage, the smart metering system offers the convenience, the speed, and the reliability you need. Simply call on Next Level Electricians to perform your next electrical smart meter installation.

What is the Cost of Installing a New Electricity Meter?

The cost of meter installation in Sydney will depend on the type of meter and the labour involved. You can receive an accurate quotation for electrical meter installation by contacting your licensed level 2 electricians on 0451 595 955.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, we provide expert advice on meter installation, smart metering and more.

Call Next Level Electricians for Your Metering Installation Services

If you need an emergency upgrade, please call us for our emergency electrician services. We will have a qualified technician come out to your property to advise on the best plan of action.

As leading electricians across Sydney, we guarantee the quality of our installations and comply with local regulations from the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules, The Service and Installation Rules of NSW and the operator standards of Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.

Next Level Electricians is a Sydney based electrical business specialized in level 2 electricity services. Our electricians are licensed and experienced in the installation and the recommendation of power meter systems for your home, commercial or construction business. When you need a dependable professional you can rely on, we guarantee our electricians will arrive on time. We also get the job done correctly the first time around and believe in providing every customer convenience and efficiency.

Contact us by calling our office on 0451 595 955 or you can send us a direct message on our Contact Form. We will get back to you to help you with your electricity installations, repairs, and general queries.