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3 Phase Power Installation

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3 Phase Power Supply Cables Sydney

If you require the upgrade of a single phase to 3 phase power supply in Sydney, always call on the services of a level 2 electrician. As experienced and professional electrical service, Next Level Electricians is committed to providing Sydney’s homes and businesses with safe and effective electrical solutions. We deliver professional upgrades, performed by our licensed and experienced level 2 electricians.

When you need an electrical upgrade, it is important that a level 2 electrician is contacted. Professional level 2 technicians are expertly trained in managing repairs, installs and upgrades of your main power supply.

Next Level Electricians is a specialized and dedicated team of electricians. We provide level 2 electrical services across Sydney CBD and regions including Hills District, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs and South West Sydney. Please call us on 0451 595 955 for your next power upgrade and list of areas we service.

Why Choose Next Level Electricians for Your Power Upgrades

Next Level Electricians is specialized in upgrading your power supply from a 1 phase to a 3 phase connection. Our attentive team has the training, experience, and the skill to deliver precision results with incredible efficiency. We are here to help you with guaranteed services you can always depend on.

When you contact us for a level 2 power issue, we will send a fully equipped and licensed electrician to your property or site. Our technician will provide an accurate estimate of your electrical works. All details will be discussed so you remain informed of the changes that need to be made.

As leaders in level 2 electrical operations, we are dedicated to safe and effective services. You can get in touch with Next Level Electricians by giving us a call or using our Contact Form. We are here to help you with your pressing power requirements with a high-quality service standard.

What is a 3 Phase Power Supply?

The 3 phase power supply consists of 3 distinct AC voltage lines ensuring that power is distributed across 3 lines. It is considered a flexible power solution that delivers a more stable connection compared to other phases.

What are the Advantages of a 3 Phase Upgrade?

For the home or the business in Sydney requiring a 3 phase installation, a multitude of benefits are provided. The 3 phase power supply is preferred over a 1 phase because it can manage the same level of current but delivers exceptional power.

For manufacturing and commercial entities, a 3 phase power installation is a standard requirement. The power will not reach a zero level making it ideal for large organizations. It also proves more energy efficient compared to a one phase electrical supply.

When is a 3 Phase Power Supply Installed for a Residence?

If you are having an HVAC or air conditioning system installed, phase 3 electrical supply must be sought. A 3 phase meter installation is also a necessity when ovens or 3 phase equipment are to be installed in the residence.

For homes that possess a single phase system and you need to upgrade to a 3 phase, Next Level Electricians has the team to complete the task with precision. We implement the appropriate safety measures and guarantees to produce the upgrade for your home.

Level 2 electrical projects should only be undertaken by licensed and experienced technicians. Next Level Electricians is your trusted professional, equipped to deliver precision electrical solutions on time and with seamless operation. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled in delivering the modified electrical supply you need.

What is the Cost to Install a 3 Phase Power Supply in Sydney?

The installation of three phase power supply will depend on the current electrical installation. Where new wiring and a 3 phase meter box have to be installed, it will add to the final estimate. In a quotation for the job, we will determine the cable length, materials and the tools required to complete the upgrade.

Before any steps are taken to modify your electrical connections, our professional electricians will advise on the strategies that must be implemented to complete the upgrade safely. At Next Level Electricians, we only issue level 2 electricians to perform a 3 phase installation.

In Australia, the cost to install a 3 phase power system is determined by your trusted level 2 electrician. This ensures that every safety regulation is followed, and you have peace of mind that your electrical works will deliver seamless results

The Guarantee Provided by Our Level 2 Electricians

We issue a professional guarantee on our installations. Our level 2 electricians are fully compliant with industry standards and code including The Service and Installation Regulations of NSW, the AS/NZS 3000 Wiring Rules and the rules of Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy’s individual network operator standards.

Speak to Next Level Electricians for 3 Phase Electrical Upgrades

An electricity upgrade from a 1 phase to a 3 phase is performed by our dedicated and certified emergency level 2 electricians in Sydney. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in getting the job done safely and effectively the first time around. As we provide services for residential and commercial customers in Sydney and surrounding districts, we are equipped to provide competitive quotations.

You can give us a call on 0451 595 955 or use our Contact Form to start your upgrade from a 1 phase to a 3 phase power supply. As we deliver customized electrical solutions for your home or office, we ensure the best quality customer service and value that only Next Level Electricians can provide.